Classica April Vase is made in France and composed of 21 tubes, height 15 cm, 3 cm, total length 74 cm.

Created in 1991 by Sigolène Prébois and Catherine Lévy, the April Vase is today considered a classic. The Georges Pompidou Museum of Modern Art considered this vase as a marker of its time and included it in its permanent design collection in 1997.

Inspired by Japanese ikebana, this vase isolates each flower in a tube to show it off to best advantage. Articulated by metal rings, the April Vase has a variable geometry, adapting to the flowers it shelters and the supports on which it stands, and gives everyone the great pleasure of composing a successful bouquet.
Made of glass tubes and similar metal parts that fit into each other, the April Vase can be dismantled.

The zinc protecting its metal parts becomes dull in contact with water and is decorated with a light grey rust similar to frost. The metal parts are not dishwasher- or stripper-safe. On the other hand, the Vases d'Avril are not afraid of a good bath with dishwashing liquid.